2023: Atiku a frantic liar, poorly ready for president, says Tinubu

Atiku a frantic liar, poorly ready for president, says Tinubu

Atiku a frantic liar, poorly ready for president, says Tinubu

Official Candidate of the decision All Progressives Congress APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has taken his partner in the resistance Peoples Democratic Party PDP and previous VP, Atiku Abubakar to the cleaners, saying the resistance competitor is a frantic liar who ought to never be endowed with the administration.

Tinubu was responding to an Arise Television interview circulated on Friday in which Mr Abubakar resolved a great deal of issues including a case that he dropped out with Tinubu in 2007 on the grounds that he (Atiku) was against a Muslim official ticket.

Because of an inquiry on his viewpoints on the Muslim Presidential ticket of the APC, Atiku said: “My key conflict with Asiwaju starting around 2007 was on the issue of Muslim ticket. That was my principal conflict and takeoff from Asiwaju.

“Along with Asiwaju, we shaped ACN and I was given a ticket in Lagos and he demanded to be my running mate and I said no, I won’t have a Muslim ticket and as a result of that he changed his help to the late Umaru Yar’Adua and that was the leaving point and obviously, it is likewise a reality that when Buhari arose in Lagos in 2015 that I additionally went against a Muslim ticket.

“I went against it and my resistance really built up the choice of President Buhari to pick a Christian running mate. In this way, I have from the start gone against that. I don’t put stock in that. I don’t completely accept that it is appropriate for a nation like Nigeria that is multi-ethnic, multi strict that there ought to adjust of interests, whether strict etc.”

Found out if the decision of Senator Kashim Shettima as Tinubu’s running mate wouldn’t harm his (Atiku’s) chances in the Northeast, the PDP applicant said, “Unquestionably, possibilities are a lot higher. On the off chance that you know the sythesis of the Northeast, you have Borno and Yobe; these are basically two Kanuri states, then, at that point, you have different states which are basically Hausa-Fulani. Thus, regardless of whether individuals will decide on that premise, I assume I have a better (support) from the Northeast.”

Notwithstanding, talking through his mission association on Saturday in an explanation, Tinubu blamed the greater part of the cases made by the previous VP, noticing that the APC was very stunned by the many falsehoods and obliviousness showed by the PDP official up-and-comer.

“In the meeting, Alhaji Atiku uncovered himself as a not arranged man for the gig he is applying for and a man who can not be endowed with our ward. He was sassy in his reaction to significant inquiries concerning his record of administration and how he brought in cash while serving in Customs. He obfuscated up realities and showed befudling nonattendance of psyche”, Tinubu said through the Director, Media and Communication of his mission association, Mr Bayo Onanuga.

Expressing that the PDP up-and-comer botched the meeting, Tinubu likewise portrayed him as a criminal.

He said; “PDP up-and-comer is a criminal: It was most stunning Atiku conceded that he conned the framework for quite a long time and taken part in ridiculous offense as an administration specialist. As a traditions official at the Idi-Iroko line, Atiku uncovered that he ran a business taxi administration, guaranteeing ‘there is no regulation preventing public officials from carrying on with work in Nigeria”. He punched more earnestly, guaranteeing there is no irreconcilable situation in doing as such.

“We viewed this as false. Each official in the common assistance is supposed to consent to a set of principles and administration rules which bar common and community workers from taking part in personal business while in government work to the impairment of the assistance he/she is utilized to deliver to the general population. The 1999 constitution further systematizes this in Part I, Fifth Schedule, Section of 2 (b).

“It says a public official will not, with the exception of where he isn’t utilized on full-time premise draw in or partake in the administration or running of any personal business, calling or exchange. The principles anyway permit a public official to participate in cultivating.

“We wonder which rule or which regulation Atiku was depending upon for his ridiculous unfortunate behavior as a public official. It is our viewed as view that Atiku gamed the framework all through his vocation out in the open assistance, finishing in his establishing of the Intel Logistics alongside Late Shehu Yar’Adua and a few Italians, even while he was still in the work of the Nigeria Customs Service”.

He said Atiku likewise has an unfortunate information on key areas of the economy, adding; “We additionally found it astonishing that the PDP official up-and-comer doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the commitment of oil and gas industry to Nigeria’s GDP. He asserted the area addresses 20% of our public GDP though it is under 10% and it is as yet falling attributable to the development of non-oil area under the ongoing All Progressives Congress drove organization of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Bogus Data from Egypt: Atiku Abubakar needed to intrigue his crowd with his alleged information on foreign relations. He wound up humiliating himself with bogus information he refered to from Egypt. We found his case that Egypt has 2 million cops in the city to be false. Different sources put the number at around 500,000 for a populace of 104 million and not 80 million as erroneously guaranteed by Atiku”.

On the issue of Rotational Presidency, Tinubu said Atiku ought to be more centered around the issue and not a Muslim ticket.

“Asked to legitimize for what valid reason the PDP casted off Section 3c of its own constitution which cherishes power revolution between the North and South, Atiku attempted to fudge his response by zeroing in on Governor Nyesom Wike and his work to accommodate with him after he, a northerner grabbed the official ticket that should have been taken by a southerner. While Atiku was put on a big show on APC’s Muslim official ticket, he didn’t see trying to be President after 8years of a President from his piece of Nigeria as governmental issues of rejection.

“Examined further, Atiku gave a few problematic responses. In one breath, he said power revolution isn’t in the constitution. In another breath, he said the PDP has never ‘miniature drafted any position’. Then, at that point, he conceded that the party has consistently pivoted power between the North and the South. Atiku’s support with respect to why he turned into PDP’s official up-and-comer, rather than a southerner is an ideal model in ellipsis: ‘In governmental issues’, he said, ‘we arrange power through negotiations(sic)’. Whatever that implies.

Atiku upheld Muslim ticket

“Atiku ever a specialist in not coming clean likewise didn’t confess all over his sometime in the distant past inclination for same-confidence ticket. In 1993, after Atiku and Kingibe lost to MKO Abiola in the SDP official essential in Jos, Atiku was the decision of the Yar’Adua camp to turn into Abiola’s running mate. Abiola neglected him and picked the more cerebral ambassador and civil servant, Babagana Kingibe. In every one of the lots of memoirs expounded on him, there was no where he said he went against Shehu Yar’Adua’s help for his bid as Abiola’s VP. He was not against it, since it leaned toward him. Presently, it is politically advantageous and entrepreneurial for him to go against Tinubu-Shettima ticket.

“Political Credentials: Most unpardonable was Atiku’s lies about how frequently he raced to turn into the legislative leader of Adamawa or old Gongola state.

“Mr. Presidential applicant, on the off chance that you don’t be aware because of your restricted training, you campaign for a position, just, when you are on the voting form in a political race. Your connoting interest in an office doesn’t mean equivalent to campaigning for the position. From accessible records, whenever you first challenged the governorship political race in your state was in 1999. Your name entered the polling form interestingly and you won.

“Unfortunate handle of history: Atiku Abubakar additionally displayed unfortunate Knowledge of history when he guaranteed that Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s renowned chiefs challenged the administration five to multiple times before he in the long run won.

“This is a lager parlor story that has been reused over the long haul. Lincoln challenged U.S. administration two times. He ran in 1860 and 1864 and won both, before he was killed on 15 April, 1865.

“The bogus tale about Lincoln’s bombed official offers sprang from his past bombed state and public races, from his province of Illinois. They were not equivalent to America’s official political decision.

“As per antiquarians, Lincoln lost his most memorable political decision in 1832 for Illinois state governing body. In 1834, once more, he ran and won.

“In 1843 he ran for Congress. He lost. Three years after in 1846, Lincoln ran for Congress once more – this time he won and went to Washington. From laid out history, in 1848, Lincoln ran for re-appointment to Congress and lost. In 1854, he ran for Senate of the United States. He lost. Lincoln additionally made one more bombed bid for U.S. Senate from Illinois in 1858. He lost to Democrat Steven Douglas.

“Our decision is that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is badly ready to be President of Nigeria in the event that he could blunder a Television interview that was prepared of the day and time the team of Dr. Reuben Abati and Ms.Tundun Abiola led it.

“We anticipated that the PDP official competitor should be all around informed on any issue prior to coming on public TV to open himself to avoidable mocking”, he expressed.

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