2023: Atiku takes a chance with one more loss with lack of concern and exorbitant pride

2023: Atiku takes a chance with one more loss with lack of concern and exorbitant pride

2023: Atiku takes a chance with one more loss with lack of concern and exorbitant pride

The following year’s official political decision is the 6th endeavor by Atiku Abubakar, official up-and-comer of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to turn into Nigeria’s leader starting around 1993. At 75 in November, Atiku will, most would agree, not run for president again in 2027, then matured 80, assuming he loses the following year’s survey. Put unmistakably, in the event that Atiku loses one year from now, he will be recognized as the transcendent chronic washout in Nigeria’s official politics.That, definitely, ups the ante for him in the following year’s political race!

Yet, the stakes are considerably higher in light of the fact that this time, not at all like his past endeavors, Atiku is contradicting some common norms of prevalent sentiment, particularly in the South and the Middle Belt, that another Northerner shouldn’t succeed President Muhammadu Buhari. However, Atiku needs to succeed Buhari; thus he put it all out there to get his party’s ticket.

Unquestionably, then, at that point, having trampled the rationale of rotational administration, having resisted the outlook of right now, Atiku should win one year from now to get away from a spot in history as Nigeria’s most popular boastful chronic failure! Well, how could he battle without holding back to get his party’s official ticket by any means necessary (consider “dollar downpour” and different antics at the PDP official essential) in the event that he will lose the political race? To hide any hint of failure and show foresight, Atiku should win. Be that as it may, can he?

Indeed, Atiku is self-satisfied about the difficulties ahead. That’s what he expects, not at all like Bola Tinubu’s profoundly destructive Muslim ticket, which will have results at the surveys, his own Northern bid will have no outcomes, particularly in the South. However, the South might demonstrate risky for Atiku, and he would be absolutely off track to underestimate it.

In speaking to his party to give him its official ticket, Atiku said: “I as of now have 11m votes,” alluding to his complete votes in the 2019 official political race. Yet, over portion of those votes came from the South. Of his 11, 262, 978 votes cross country, Atiku won 5,703,393 in the South against 5, 559,585 in the North. The inquiry is: Are Atiku’s 5.7m votes in the South in 2019 bankable for 2023? Indeed, the response is: Very far-fetched!

To start with, worries about another Northerner succeeding President Buhari would have some effect. Southern socio-social gatherings, for example, Afenifere, Ohanaeze and Pan-Niger Delta Forum, which emphatically upheld Atiku in 2019, presently firmly go against him. Their position will not be without impacts.

Connected to that is the “OBI-dient” peculiarity. In his new Arise TV interview, Atiku loquaciously excused it as a web-based entertainment sensation, saying: “It is undeniably challenging to anticipate that a wonder should happen just on the grounds that Peter Obi is in the Labor Party.” But the upbeat invite Obi got from more than 120,000 gatherers of the Abuja-based Dunamis Church last week recommends that Atiku is hasty to excuse his notoriety as a virtual entertainment trend.

In any case, those to the side, Atiku faces one more significant danger in the South: a separated party, fuelled by the swollen self image of the Rivers State lead representative, Nyesom Wike, who pulled off areas of strength for a spot appearing in the PDP’s official essential political race. Honestly, Atiku has taken care of the post-essential emergency with complete lack of concern verging on haughtiness. From one side of the planet to the other, official primaries make changing levels of sharpness; it depends on the champ to mollify put in a bad mood and join the party for triumph.

In 2008, after an unpleasant official essential, Barack Obama, picked one of his significant opponents, Joe Biden, as his running mate; they proceeded to win the political decision. In 2020, after another harsh official essential, Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris, one of his opponents who called him a bigot during the essential mission, as his running mate; they, as well, went on win the political decision. Conversely, Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 official political decision is generally ascribed to her inability to placate Bernie Sanders, her unpleasant opponent in the essential.

Presently, I’m not proposing that Atiku ought to have picked Wike as his running mate. A long way from it. Be that as it may, Atiku re-awakened some old animosity. For example, when he revealed Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as his running mate, Atiku said: “At times a competitor is picked who creates a buzz and adds energy to the mission”, adding: “However today in Nigeria, we face tremendous difficulties which practically rules out show.”

Everybody knew that Atiku’s “little space for show” agree was focused on Wike. However, why? Valid, Wike is an egocentric egotist, who acts like a wild beast on the loose. Be that as it may, initiative is tied in with overseeing individuals, including troublesome individuals. Atiku should peruse Dale Carnagie’s renowned book: How to Win Friends and Influence People. Can we just be real, except if Atiku prevents the Wike issue from putrefying, he would deteriorate his convoluted Southern issue! He ought to make companions, not foes, in the South. However, he’s careless!

Yet, Atiku is careless about the North as well. Asked by Arise TV whether he was pained by Tinubu’s decision of Kashim Shettima as his running mate given both are from the North-East, Atiku, unfortunately, played the ethnic card. Hear him: “On the off chance that you know the creation of the North-East, you have Borno and Yobe, these are basically two Kanuri states. Then, at that point, you have the other (four) states, which are basically Hausa/Fulani states. Regardless of whether individuals will decide on that premise, I have a better (position) from the North-East.”

In 2019, Atiku won 5,559,584 votes in the North contrasted with Buhari’s 11,596,707. His supposition that will be that in light of the fact that Buhari isn’t on the polling form in that frame of mind, of the Hausa/Fulani votes would incline toward him. Could they? The battle for the North’s votes would be furious, and Atiku would be rash to underrate Tinubu’s APC and Rabiu Kwankwaso’s NNPP.

Honestly, the nation over, Atiku’s Northern application and Tinubu’s Muslim ticket will have serious outcomes. Include Obi and Kwankwaso, the result becomes dubious. Being Atiku’s 6th and most dubious endeavor ups the ante for him. Excessive pride is notwithstanding the obvious danger!.

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