2023 DECISIONS: What will Nigerians pick?

2023 DECISIONS: What will Nigerians pick?

2023 DECISIONS: What will Nigerians pick?

The National Christian Elders Forum, NCEF, has said “the decision before Nigerians in 2023 is between a majority rule government or Sharia, freedom or servitude, and uniformity or segregation. The beyond seven years of the Buhari organization is a preview of what is to come, with expanding power.”

”As of now, Sharia philosophy is exhibiting its revultion for western training and civilization with the conclusion of colleges for a long time. An informed people isn’t an inclination of backers of Sharia philosophy. The Almajiris of northern Nigeria is tenable proof.

A Country of “DHIMMIS” (Second class residents)

”NCEF isn’t unaware of the exercises of political merchants, especially in the Church, and wish to alert the people who place cash above virtues to notice. There are 389 ethnic identities in Nigeria and 386 of these ethnicities buy into no strict philosophy as lifestyle.

”The ethnic identities ought to converse with one another and understand that on the off chance that they misuse the 2023 races, they would have marked their relatives off as “dhimmis” (peasants) in their property of nativity and delivered their tribal land for ownership by the people who control religion for social and political mastery.

”After the oppressive and inhumane organization of President Buhari, Nigeria requires a much needed refresher from prejudice and separation. Prior to coming into power, President Buhari was cited insisting his favorable to Sharia conviction and expressed unequivocally that he was ready to battle one more considerate conflict to guarantee that Nigeria became Sharia agreeable. The beyond seven years affirmed that he stood by each and every word that he expressed.

”In light of the current situation, ethnic identities in Nigeria ought to equip to oppose the Muslim ticket as well as substitution of President Buhari by another Muslim. Nigeria requires reprieve from 13 years of day to day slaughter by Islamist extremists.

”A Muslim President shouldn’t supplant President Buhari so that equilibrium can be reestablished to the country. The freedom and security of Nigerians rely upon it.

”It adds up to unadulterated underhandedness to make the Muslim ticket a Christian versus Muslim issue. It is more profound than that. We are managing a majority rules system versus Sharia. The public philosophy and personality of Nigeria is in question.

”There is an intentional endeavor to contort the DNA of Nigeria and reformat the country into what it was not laid out to be. On the off chance that the ethnic identities ought to allow this to stand, they would have entrusted their relatives into interminable servitude.

”As of now, the Fulanis brag transparently that they are destined to-manage, and that God has given them Nigeria as their legacy. 2023 political race is the conclusive year.

Development of feudalism

”The Muslim ticket is a conscious ploy by the northern government to broaden its feudalism past the North to the remainder of the country. In the event that it ought to work, all Nigerians will endure the side-effects.

”The Yoruba Muslims, the Ibo Muslims, the Ijaw Muslims, and each and every other resident will turn into “dhimmis”. Tragically franticness for political power made a few legislators to submit to this intrigue.

”It ought to be underscored that Muslim ticket ought not be seen as struggle among Christianity and Islam. This is a significant interruption. The genuine objective is the ethnic identities that own Nigeria.

”The ethnic identities comprise of Christians, Muslims, conservatives, and independent people. The Muslim ticket is just in light of a legitimate concern for the northern government, despite the fact that endeavors will be made to convince Muslims cross country to help it. ”From the manner in which the northern government steered the North into the rocks, Muslims from different districts won’t help anything over the long haul.

Advance majority rules system

”It is to the greatest advantage of all Nigerians to advance majority rules system as the sole public philosophy. The initial architects of Nigeria birthed this country on the standards of opportunity of decision, opportunity of articulation, and opportunity of love. We should do all that could be within reach to keep up with freedom in the country. We shouldn’t put coming ages in subjugation.”

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