Annie Okonkwo: Peter Obi’s official aspiration is petitioning God replied

Annie Okonkwo: Peter Obi's official aspiration is petitioning God replied

Annie Okonkwo: Peter Obi's official aspiration is petitioning God replied

Congressperson Annie Clement Okonkwo yesterday said the official desire of the competitor of the Labor Party, Mr. Peter Obi is a request replied.

The Senator who unveiled this during an official Q&A event between Peter Obi and Nigerians in Diaspora which occurred in Los Angeles, California, said Obi is the most fitting and qualified up-and-comer among every one individuals challenging the official political decision.

As per Okonkwo, “What has kept Nigeria where it is today is defilement and we want a striking chief like peter Obi to safeguard the country from the hands of individuals who doesn’t have good intentions for Nigeria.

“Obidient Movement has not been found in Nigeria before now. In some cases, I wish the mission begins today with the goal that I can see those individuals lobbying for those up-and-comers, they will conceal their countenances in disgrace since it will be exceptionally glaring to them at the heading Nigeians are moving to on the grounds that individuals are burnt out on awful administration.

In the Holy Bible, the Senator said: “Jesus told them, remove the stone and He yelled with power Lazarus, and he gradually stumbled out. In this way, what we really want to do in Nigeria today is greater than eliminate the stone. We will choose Peter Obi for eliminate the stone with the goal that our kids’ future will be splendid. We can construct another Nigeria that we can be in every way pleased with.

Talking further, he said: “Peter Obi has done it previously. He has done it in Anambra State, so it’s anything but an advanced science. It is simpler to control Nigeria than to administer Anambra State. The main thing is to have somebody who will devote and concede to the gig and I have almost certainly that Nigerians have observed that pioneer and that is Peter Obi.

“We needn’t bother with to be apprehensive, a many individuals will let you know that they will fix the political race, no, they can’t fix the political race. I have been in governmental issues for more than thirty years, on the off chance that you are not a well known up-and-comer you cant rig political decision. We as a whole play a major part to play to get things right.”

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