APC’s disappointment in Osun, divine test from Allah- Abdullahi Adamu

APC's disappointment in Osun, divine test from Allah- Abdullahi Adamu

APC's disappointment in Osun, divine test from Allah- Abdullahi Adamu

Public Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has said that the loss endured by the decision party in the equitable finished up governorship political race in Osun state, was a heavenly test from Almighty Allah.

He talked in a meeting with the BBC Hausa Service checked in Kaduna on Tuesday.

He said it has now become basic to all party individuals to amend all that they were doing which are not in accordance with the mission of the APC, as they approach the official political decision in 2023.

“This has shown that we have a major errand ahead. We should see what we can do and change our strategies.

“We should see ourselves, check whether what we are doing in this political excursion is it right.

“What are those things that are not right? What should be amended so we get what will prompt progress in our excursion?” he said.

Representative Adamu said that the loss in Osun doesn’t in any capacity implied that the decision party won’t win in the 2023 general political race.

He made sense of that the party would concentrate on what caused its disappointment in the Osun political race, to prevail in the impending general political race.

As per the National Chairman of the APC, it was inner fighting between ardent APC individuals in Osun that prompted the party’s disappointment.

“There’s misconception between party individuals; the APC juggernauts in Osun state APC. These juggernauts have been quarreling, blaming one another,” he said.

He made sense of that these oppressed party stalwarts said they wouldn’t cast a ballot on the off chance that what they needed was not finished, demanding that there was no comprehension among them disregarding the way that they were in a similar party.

While repeating that they have acknowledged the Osun rout sincerely, Senator Adamu said “In governmental issues like in other common undertakings, one could win or lose. There’s no other option for us.

“Yet, we were crushed not on the grounds that we are bad in governmental issues, it was a direct result of what occurred between some party individuals near the political decision,” he said.

The party, he said, had acknowledged the desire of Allah.

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