ASSU blames labour minister Ngige for misleading union

ASSU blames labour minister for misleading union

ASSU blames labour minister for misleading union

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU ) Usmanu Danfidiyo University Sokoto section has blamed the Minister for work and efficiency Mr Chris Ngige of not coming clean with Nigerians about the province of ASUU and Federal Government emergency.

The Union in a public interview held today Sunday at the Nigeria Union of Journalists secretariat Zuru street Sokoto depicted the Minister of work Ngige as a hindrance in the exchanges among ASUU and Federal Government on how best to end the well established strike by ASUU.

The director of the Union Mr MN Almustapha in his location to columnists said Minister Ngige has claimed that Sokoto part of ASUU has graduated clinical understudies during strike activity, adding that ASUU part of Usmanu Danfidiyo University has not graduate any understudy starting from the beginning of the strike in February

The Union moved the pastor of work to deliver any real proof to back his case which they mark as an explicit falsehood. saying there was never a letter composed by the Vice Chancellor of Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto it any of his delegates or any authority of the Union portraying that , Medical teachers are not protesting in UDUS.

As per ASUU , the priest 0f work has prevailed with regards to deceiving basic partners in the battle that the issue st stake among ASUU And Federal Governmeny is unsolvable.

” we know better that, the deceptive enemy of scholarly stance of ” conciliator” Minister Ngige has forever been the most despicable aspect of current ASUU Federal Government emergency”. Says ASUU Chairman.

“The whole individuals from ASUU Usman Danfodiyo University branch including the school of wellbeing sciences are completely on an aggregate and exhaustive strike which comences on the fourteenth of February 2022.

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