Condition of the Nation: Nigeria has never been this awful- Obong Attah

Condition of the Nation: Nigeria has never been this awful- Obong Attah

Condition of the Nation: Nigeria has never been this awful- Obong Attah

Viewed as the dad of current Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah was a two-term legislative leader of the state. He was in the front of the battle for Resource Control and presently a pioneer if the Pan Niger Delta Forum PANDEF.

Attah has kept on supporting for a strong bureaucratic design moored on a parliamentary arrangement of government with either a re-visitation of the locales, utilization of international zones or the ongoing 36-state structure as unifying units. In this meeting, he expressed regardless of whoever arises as Nigeria’s leader, one year from now, he would in any case be restricted by the impossible construction of the Nigerian organization.

What is your interpretation of the general condition of the country?

My take in single word is that the country is desperate. In two words, depressingly desperate and I can say this since I am mature enough to likewise say that I know when Nigeria was exceptionally unique in relation to what it is today and no one might have mulled over that the nation could end up being what it is today. The circumstance today is extremely critical.

Your companion, Prof. Ango Abdullahi was as of late evaluated by Vanguard wherein he said; Politicians have fizzled, technocrats ought to assume control north of; seven competitors ventured down for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in light of debasement; and Tinubu, Atiku can’t fix Nigeria. What is your response to the three issues recorded previously?

Indeed, you know Prof. Ango Abdullahi is a dear companion of mine and every once in a while we meet to examine a portion of the thoughts he communicated in that meeting. Yet, let me help you to remember what Charles de Gaulle, once President of France said; governmental issues is excessively intense a make a difference to be passed on to the legislators. In any case, what occurs in Nigeria is that assuming you bring a legislator, they say no, he is a contributor to the issue and one of the people who carried us to where we are presently.

In the event that you bring a technocrat, they say no he is clueless about organization that he can’t deal with the circumstance. In this way, in Nigeria, we have what is going on of heads, you lose, tails, you don’t win. For my purposes, it’s anything but a question of legislators or technocrats yet a framework that works or doesn’t work.

How he associated venturing down with defilement, I genuinely don’t have any idea, yet I will jump at the chance to inquire: Tambuwal likewise ventured down for Atiku, could that additionally be considered as debasement? I don’t have any idea. Thus, taking a gander at Tinubu and Atiku, I would have put it in an unexpected way. It’s anything but a character matter since I had once had event to say, without significance to revile, that regardless of whether you carried heavenly messengers to work the framework we have today, they would come up short. The framework is so absolutely and totally off-base that anything you attempt to do inside very much like fixing a structure can never be fixed appropriately. In this way, it can never work.

We should have a change however I find that individuals oppose change since they center a great deal more around the things they assume they will lose than on the advantages they realize that the change will bring. The sort of progress we are discussing is certainly not another thing. We are recommending that we ought to return to the plan that our progenitors gave us and that game plan was that we ought to have a government structure with a parliamentary arrangement of administration and that proposes that we must have another Constitution made by individuals for individuals of Nigeria and we can show it after the 1963 Republican Constitution that we had.

In the government framework, the unifying units are composed and not the slightest bit subordinate to the Center. They are to a great extent free and deal with their own assets, and foster themselves through anything that implies is accessible to them. You have nothing like a typical compensation, normal either in light of the fact that the fingers of any hand are not equivalent.

I recollect the Western Region was paying around Five Shillings, Eastern Region was paying Three Shillings and the North was paying Two Shillings to their laborers and no one grumbled on the grounds that that was feasible for them to pay and everyone was content since they dealt with their own assets. Asset Control is a fundamental piece of this government game plan and you will grow altogether at your own speed however that doesn’t imply that you can’t make the most of the open doors made in some other unifying units.

I generally give the case of when I was living in Kaduna and Cross River began this CALVENPLY, Calabar Veneer and Plywood Industry. Kaduna didn’t have woods however it put vigorously in the organization and was receiving the rewards of the profits and benefits that was made by that organization. So it doesn’t imply that when you have this autonomy, you simply stay in your territory and avoid everyone, no, we are as yet one nation and you can make use or anything that is accessible in the other unifying units.

Federalism gives an open door to the young people, ladies and for any fit individual who is a Nigerian to partake in legislative issues and the main thing ensures comprehensiveness.

I will let you know this. It was a result of this framework that it became workable for the lesser Ikoku who was in an alternate party from his dad to overcome the dad at a political race. The lesser Ikoku won the political decision against his dad. Margaret Ekpo, someone based on what is currently Akwa Ibom state was residing in Aba however she was chosen by individuals of the area to address what is to a great extent Abia state now in the House since she was residing there, and she was viewed as proficient, and it could have occurred with a parliamentary framework. Another exceptionally fascinating one was Dr E.E Emezie, an extremely youthful specialist at that point, challenged and crushed a man of “tone and type”, Dr. K.O Mbadiwe in Orlu Senatorial voting public. It can’t occur now. It can’t occur with the framework that we are working today. So, this comprehensiveness is so basically vital that I figure everyone ought to simply embrace it with practically no contention.

Furthermore, in the event that we had this comprehensiveness, or the government framework that I am discussing, accept me, it won’t have been vital for Pat Utomi to step down for Peter Obi to turn into an official up-and-comer since they are not from a similar body electorate. Obi would have won in his body electorate; Utomi would have won in his voting demographic. Kwankwaso could never have expected to pass on the PDP to win political race. Individuals like Osinbajo, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu and Governor Dave Umahi, would have won races in their different electorates, and gone to the National Assembly. In any case, presently, in light of the fact that they can’t become president, we lose the advantages of their support of the country.

Could you at any point envision a Federal House, how lively it could be with individuals like Saraki, Wike, my own lead representative, Udom Emmanuel, Tambuwal every one of them in the National Assembly from where you pick the Prime Minister who is simply the first among rises to, or at the state level, you pick a Premier, once more, first among approaches, since you pick the chiefs or anything you desire to call them, at the state level from that house? It would be an extremely lively House brimming with thoughts of individuals who had the capacity in their own freedoms to be presidents or lead representatives in this country.

You will get the advantage of such riches and afterward the additional benefit is that the people who don’t end up in government comprise a shadow bureau. That shadow bureau puts the public authority on its toes constantly in light of the fact that the public authority realizes someone is watching. Assuming that you bobble, you go. You simply need to bungle and you go. See what occurred in Britain as of late.

We want another government game plan, another constitution and a parliamentary framework to make this nation work. That is my take.

The LP Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi is by all accounts producing interests in specific quarters. How would you see his appearing to be rising profile?

Is it safe to say that he is a lawmaker or a technocrat? I’m supplicating and trusting that the web-based entertainment doesn’t transform Peter Obi into a meteor.

The explanation I am saying that is on the grounds that meteors by their actual nature, show up and stun the atmosphere with their splendid lights, yet unfortunately, they additionally vanish as unexpectedly as they showed up. I would try and prefer not to consider Peter Obi a solitary dissident on the grounds that solitary protesters can cause disturbances, yet is it maintainable? Regardless of whether we fail to remember Spartacus of the Roman Empire, we can’t forget our own Alhaji Balarabe Musa.

He came in as a Governor and the following moment, he was gone, he was impugned. What I need to expect and I accept this is right – I need to see Peter Obi as a similitude for what Nigeria is today; an exemplification of an assurance and a determination to rebel against the wantonness that has assumed control over our country.

That requires a development, a total and complete public development, a lot bigger than the #EndSARS. You had no #EndSARS action in the North. The development I am discussing must be a finished public development for any and everyone in this country from any piece of the country that cherishes this nation, and needs to see an improvement.

Thus, in the event that we center it around an individual, Nigeria being what it is, we can’t take off from issues of nationality and religion. So I am zeroing in it on individuals. Allow us to electrify this development and make it a public development that says, to whoever comes as the leader of this country, this should be, on the grounds that this is what individuals need.

As of late, furious residents constrained the Sri Lankan president to leave. I maintain that Nigerians should be furious enough with what is happening and that for me is what Peter Obi addresses. Allow us to be irate enough with what is happening, we go out and get that anything that done, regardless of whether it is Obi as president, yet that that change should come. It must be an option that could be greater than whatever Pastor Tunde Bakare achieved in his Save Nigeria Movement. It must be a public development, bigger, more grounded, and significantly more fit for cutting down the ‘Walls of Jericho’, in the event that that is how we should help that change to come.

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