DELTA 2023: Ogboru competitor conflict over N1.5m bank draft

DELTA 2023: Ogboru competitor conflict over N1.5m bank draft


DELTA 2023: Ogboru competitor conflict over N1.5m bank draftIn front of the 2023 general races, a House of Representatives confident on the foundation of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Matthias Efe Olowu, needs the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to assist with unwinding the whereabouts of a N1.5m bank draft gave for APGA for the acquisition of an outflow of premium and designation structures to the Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency of Delta State.

Olowu said in spite of the introduction of the bank draft, no structure was given to him just for the party to name one more applicant as champ of the essential political decision.

In a request addressed to the counter unite commission named, ‘ Alleged Corruption, Criminal Breach of Trust and Conversion of N1.5m Bank Draft by Mr. John Enakireru,” the solicitor said, “I purchased the structure for the House of Reps, paid to the party. The reason for this bank draft is for my designation and articulation of premium structures.

“As I talk with you up now, I have not seen any structure implying that even my cooperation in the primaries was unlawful. I went to the Delta Central Chairman, John Enakereru, who I gave over my draft to and he let me know that the draft was with Great Ogboru.

“John Enakereru, who is the Delta Central Chairman of the party (APGA), requested that I raise a bank draft of N1.5m with the end goal of my selection and articulation of premium structure. I raised the bank draft and gave it to Mr. John however he never gave me any structure till this second.

“At the point when I moved toward him about the designation and articulation of interest structures I raised the draft for, he let me know that he gave the draft to Mr. Ovedje Ogboru who vowed to go to Abuja to buy every one of the structures for Delta State.

“At the point when I asked from Mr. Ovedje Ogboru, he let me know the bank draft was with the APGA Delta State Chairman.

“On the 30th of May, 2022, I approached the State Chairman of the party, Mr. Ememokwu Efamefune, to learn about the bank draft, and he said he got no bank draft bought with my name and that I ought to consider John Enekereru and Great Ogboru liable for the missing bank draft”.

As needs be, Olowu supplicated the EFCC Chairman to utilize his great office to “research the whereabouts of the bank draft by calling Mr. John Enekereru and Mr. Great Ovedje Ogboru for addressing with the end goal of figuring out my missing bank draft and why the structure I paid structure I paid for was not given to me.”

In the interim Ogboru has moved away from the trial of Olowu, saying he didn’t have anything to do with his yearning to the green chamber.

In a phone discussion with Vanguard, Ogboru said, “What is my business with that man? He is a liar and blackmailer.”

In spite of the fact that Enekereru neither picked his calls nor answered the messages shipped off him through WhatsApp regardless of understanding them, Barrister Tex Okechukwu, National Publicity Secretary of APGA, has asked Olowu to move toward the party’s National Working Committee with his solicitation.

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