We either fix Nigeria now or be consumed by turmoil, Peter Obi cautions

We either fix Nigeria now or be consumed by turmoil, Peter Obi cautions

We either fix Nigeria now or be consumed by turmoil, Peter Obi cautions

Official banner carrier of the Labor Party, Mr Peter Obi, has warmed that Nigeria probably won’t endure the result of not casting a ballot in the right initiative for a new and better Nigeria in the 2023 decisions.

Obi who raised the caution Saturday, while talking at a capability in Umuahia, Abia State, encouraged Nigerians to participate in the continuous endeavors to safeguard the country from political thieves and degenerate legislators.

The previous Anambra State Governor made sense of that the explanation he had been meeting Governors in the nation was to clear up for them the extensive ramifications of foisting terrible authority in 2023.

” I’m meeting every one of the Governors to let them know that very soon, assuming we neglect to make the best decision there will be disorder in the land that will consume everyone.

” Whether you are a Governor or a Bishop or anything, everyone will be consumed. I’m cautioning everyone, we should fix this spot now before it deteriorates. Now is the ideal time to reclaim our nation and reconstruct it!

” It’s unsuitable that we live in a country with all that God has favored us with openly and a huge number of individuals will not make certain of how the following dinner will come. That is unsuitable!”

The previous Anambra State Governor pinned Nigeria’s troubles on insatiability and covetousness of public office holders who place their own advantage above open interest.

He uncovered that as previous Governor he left office with next to no severance bundle, and had never gotten any benefits.

” Since I left office a long time back yet I have never gotten any benefits. Anambra State has never gotten me any unadulterated water since lead representatives shouldn’t have any retirement bundle.

” You came to serve and when you finish return home. God has favored you enough. Anything that power God has given you, it’s by effortlessness. Try not to manhandle the finesse of God.

” We should quit mishandling God’s beauty in this nation and utilize public assets to serve individuals.”

The previous Governor expressed that as he was leaving office, he welcomed the Chief Executives of three banks where he had warehoused state assets for the following administation, and openly gave over to his replacement.

” When I was leaving office as Anambra Governor I welcomed the Managing Director of Access Bank, Diamond Bank and Fidelity Bank, and told them freely that I the equilibrium of Anambra State cash I keep in reach of those banks was $50 million, and N12 billion each. They freely affirmed it and I advised them to give it to my replacement to utilize and foster the state.

“No one requested that I set aside the cash however it’s public asset not my own. I expected to utilize it to work for individuals”.

Obi said Nigeria must transist from consuming country to a delivering country to get by.

” Nigeria is a country with a body of land of 923,000 square killometers and a populace of 200 individuals. God favored us with everything except we have north of 100 individuals living in destitution.

“Last year, Nigeria’s complete commodity including oil was less than$30 billion however Vietnam has 331,000 square killometers of land with a populace of 100 million individuals, and their all out send out was $312 billion. However they have no oil. Their commodity is made merchandise”.

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