Ex- APC official wannabe dumps Tinubu, embraces Obi

Ex- APC official wannabe dumps Tinubu, embraces Obi

Ex- APC official wannabe dumps Tinubu, embraces Obi

Previous official hopeful of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2019 official political race, Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, has uncovered his goal to dump his ideological group association and its 2023 official competitor, Bola Tinubu, to help the official up-and-comer of the Labor Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi.

Ogbonnia said that his underwriting of Obi was on the grounds that the LP official up-and-comer is a ‘vote based insurgency, whose opportunity has arrived,’ adding that “with each feeling of nationalism, he was joining the Nigerian masses to support Obi as the following leader of Nigeria.

“However I stay an individual from All Progressives Congress, APC, I should not help Tinubu, its official up-and-comer in the 2023 races. The choice to underwrite the competitor of a resistance didn’t come simple. Be that as it may, there comes a chance to say ‘that’s the last straw’, Ogbonnia expressed.

In a proclamation he made accessible to newsmen on yesterday, Ogbonnia said that his most memorable hatred for Tinubu was that neither individual party individuals nor standard Nigerians can profess to know who Ahmed Tinubu really is.

“All that about the man is obscure — from his name, condition of beginning, the schools joined in, endorsements accepted; his record in America to his actual kind of revenue, not to mention any obvious aim of looking for the administration, aside from a presumptuous case that it is his chance to control Nigeria.

“Other than the obscure foundation, a progression of occasions likewise show that Tinubu has no excellent of value, equity, reasonableness, and nationalism, excellencies he professes to advance.

Truly Bola Ahmed Tinubu is much more harsh about the Nigerian state and her concerns than President Muhammadu Buhari. It is a widely known that the APC National Leader no longer has the actual wellness to investigate the Nigerian administration, yet it has similarly become exceptionally clear that he no longer has the intellectual ability,” Ogbonnia guaranteed.

see astuteness, character, ability, and limit; I see uprightness and lowliness. I see enthusiasm; I see dynamism. I see lucky and obvious history; I see feasible dreams; I see expect the Nigeria of our establishing dreams; I see a vote based upheaval whose opportunity has arrived. This move is predictable with my legislative issues. I never permit the simple exigencies of nationality, religion, or party alliance to darken my judgment. As an individual from the National Republican Convention (NRC), I crossed partisan loyalties to lobby for MKO Abiola, the flagbearer for the Social Democratic Party (SDP). I considered Abiola to be a preferable up-and-comer over the competitor of my party, Bashir Tofa.

“I was a card-conveying individual from Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in its thickest territory of Enugu. Be that as it may, after the fake general appointment of 2007 where the decision PDP directed who won or who lost, I took a different path. I promised to join any development that could eliminate PDP from power. I would turn into an establishment individual from the APC and elevated Buhari to triumph. I stay pleased that we left a mark on the world by ousting the PDP-a virally degenerate decision party that had wanted to clutch power for 60 whole years. We showed ramifications for terrible way of behaving.

“Sadly, today, with Asiwaju Tinubu as its National Leader, the APC doesn’t seem to have any philosophical, moral, or moral contrast with the much-defamed PDP. Today, my party has boldly turned into a place of refuge for degenerate top dogs prosecuted while in PDP. To exacerbate the situation, the two official up-and-comers of APC and PDP, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar, separately, are two of the most dishonest banner young men for Nigeria’s bad government. To put it plainly, neither Atiku nor Tinubu might with a clear mind at any point crusade against defilement.

“It is appropriate to take note of that no Nigerian chief, whether military or regular citizen, has at any point accepted the administration of the country with the level of hired fighter impact cum reputation usually likened with Atiku and Tinubu. I have a heart. I have picked my country over my party. I have become OBI-dient to ultimately benefit Nigeria!! I approach other genuine moderates to do as such,” Ogbonnia charged.

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