Fans regret setting of #BBNaija season 7 house

Fans regret setting of #BBNaija season 7 house

Fans regret setting of #BBNaija season 7 house

The season 7 of Africa’s most famous unscripted television show, BBNaija with the current year’s subject ‘Step Up’ started off on Saturday.

Fans have started to pour in their viewpoints on the show’s housemates as well as the setting of the house.

Mp3playz learnt on Saturday’s night that a few fans have started to regret the setting of the BBN house has surfaced on the web.

Photographs of the house seen by mp3playz has blend of varieties from the kitchen to the journal room, room and each segment of the house to furnish housemates with the best in the following 10 weeks.

In spite of the bright plans, a few Nigerians have communicated their dismay of the house.

While some are contending that there are such a lot of varieties, others said the setting seems to be a kindergarten study hall.

The following are a portion of the responses:

@Beccax composed: It is disheartening please. There’s so much going with the stylistic layout.

@Joycrown_01 said: Wow. Multicolor (adding chuckle emoticon).

@lamjanz composed: It is excessively shabby. At the point when it isn’t kindergarten class’

@essay_liner tweeted: What’s the significance of the triangles, square shape, circle and X? What importance does it have?

@mickeyhouse composed: I am don’t know this is the fundamental house for Big Brother. This is only for transient use.

@Bolatee composed: It looks adireish.

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