FCT Police order affirms capture of Agba Jalingo

FCT Police order affirms capture of Agba Jalingo

FCT Police order affirms capture of Agba Jalingo

The Police in Abuja has affirmed the capture of Nigerian Journalist, Agba Jalingo making sense of that his capture was occassioned by a request against him.

Representative of FCT Police Command,DSP Josephine Adeh said, “On Saturday, August twentieth, 2022, Agba Jalingo was captured by State CID agents in light of a request recorded against him by one Elizabeth Frank Ayinde.

“He was captured over a misleading charge, guaranteeing that she paid one Mr. Pascal to compose an assessment for her at the graduate school.

“Upon the receipt of this request, we went on to welcome Mr. Agba Jalingo, however he would not come, leaving the police no choice except for to get a capture warrant, which is the reason he was captured in Lagos.

“The examination is presently progressing and the unwound realities will be conveyed in this way.

In the interim, Civil Society Group, the Rule of Law and Accountability Advocacy Center has grimaced at the “unlawful attack and detainment” of the Activist and Nigerian columnist, Agba Jalingo, by the Nigeria Police Force.

The gathering in a delivery endorsed by the Executive Director, Okechukwu Nwanguma, on Saturday, expressed that a claim of slander isn’t sufficient motivation to legitimize the way and manner by which the agents of the Nigerian Police attacked his home and held him in confinement.

RULAAC, in this manner, asked the Nigerian Police to deliver Agba Jalingo quickly to permit the official courtroom to as needs be resolve the matter.

The assertion peruses, “The insight about the police attack on the Lagos home of distributer Agba Jalingo on Friday, August 19, 2022, during which his better half and girl were apparently kidnapped came to RULAAC with complete shock.

“At the same time, his office in Calabar, Cross River State was likewise blockaded and his staff kept on lock down by obscure people.

“While the people who assaulted his office in Calabar took off after locating police and the state security administrations (SSS) agents who showed up after being alarmed by Agba Jalingo’s staff, he was ultimately captured by cops in Lagos after he requested and was educated that he was being captured for supposed maligning of character of the spouse of Frank Ayade, the sibling of the Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade.”

“The claim of criticism shouldn’t warrant such overbearing, expeditionary and sensational police activity. The courts are there to arbitrate and decide if a demonstration is slanderous etc.

“Police ought to try not to depict themselves as accessible available by lawmakers or different people of impact to be utilized to dole out retributions. It isn’t helping the battered picture of the police.

“RULAAC requires the quick arrival of Agba Jalingo and statements of regret to him, his family and staff individuals for viciously disregarding their privileges to freedom, opportunity of development and nobility which are ensured as sacred under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

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