Fear mongers beat seized train casualties in new video, take steps to kill some, sell others as slaves

Fear mongers beat seized train casualties in new video, take steps to kill some, sell others as slaves

Fear mongers beat seized train casualties in new video, take steps to kill some, sell others as slaves

Abuja-Kaduna train
As casualties appeal to UK, US, France,UN, others to intercede
By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo
A new video at the end of the week, delivered by fear based oppressors who hijacked travelers on board the doomed Abuja – Kaduna train; has inspired compassion from the general population, while the leftover casualties were shown crying and howling because of extreme whipping by the psychological militants.

An older lady among the prisoners was shown crying and arguing to the specialists to act the hero, saying they don’t have the foggiest idea how they’ve merited such barbaric treatment.

One of the prisoners who showed up so powerless and troubled, talked in Hausa for different casualties, asserting that the public authority was harsh toward their predicament.

As per him, ” I am one of those engaged with the train disaster. That train had a place with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Government has the obligation to save us, however has fizzled.”

“We approached our relations who were able to safeguard us yet the Nigerian government due to being obtuse toward our situation didn’t permit our relations to protect us .”

“To this end we are approaching the huge countries of the world like England, America, France and the excess global local area, any semblance of Saudi Arabia, to mediate in this matter with the end goal of tracking down an answer .”

“Really, these individuals ( psychological oppressors) , their goal was not as far as we were concerned to try and burn through multi week in bondage. They believed that their requests should be met so they discharge us.But Nigeria showed no worry over this, showing no consideration.”

“We are subsequently approaching these large countries of the world, France, Saudi Arabia,England and America,the global local area, ECOWAS, AU, they ought to if it’s not too much trouble, help and mediate in this. ”

“They ought to come and help us so an answer could be arrived at that will empower us rejoin with our families,” he said.

In the midst of howling and crying from the awfully beaten hostages, one of the fear based oppressors said in Hausa that the Nigerian government ought to be accused.

The fear mongers using an AK 47 rifle, who was flanked by his partners generally equipped with some having their countenances hidden, said that what was going on was the consequence of what a terrible mother ( Nigeria) had caused her youngsters.

The psychological militant said ” you ought to comprehend, look appropriately it’s not our expectation to , yet it’s the result of what the Nigerian government is doing, setting a panel, a casual get-together in Kaduna to think on the best way to protect these individuals. They are there, partaking in the tea.”

“You ought to realize that there isn’t anything that the board of trustees can do. They can do nothing. Is it safe to say that you are not depending on weapons? Your airplane and your weapons resemble insects web to Allah. We are for Allah, we are doing it for Allah. We are not terrified of anyone.”

“You ought to realize that this is a little that you’ve seen. Know that, in the event that our requests are not met, this spot.

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