Feel sorry for us, clear N40bn tips before handover, retired folks ask Fayemi


Retired people in Ekiti State will maintain that friendly Governor Kayode Fayemi should do one thing before he gives up to the approaching organization in the following two months.

They will believe that he should clear the over N40 billion forthcoming tips and different advantages.

While the state retired people were last paid tips in July 2013, their neighborhood government partners, were last paid in September 2012.

Aggregately, the retired folks as of now, are owed at least N37billion tip unpaid debts separated from month to month annuities.

The retired people who talked begged the Governor to utilize the couple of months left for him to pass on office to clean a sensible sum off of the remarkable obligation to improve their misery.

However they valued the public authority of Dr. Fayemi for expanding the sum planned for the installment of their advantages from N100 million to N400 million, they demanded that more required to have been finished as guaranteed during the electioneering effort.

At a request meeting to look for the substance of God over their predicament, the director of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, NUP, Mr. Joel Akinola, deplored the demise of 200 individuals in the span of a year because of powerlessness to meet their fundamental requirements.

As per him: “We are crying and legitimately so considering our miseries, our sufferings and a phenomenal attack on the minds of our individuals in Ekiti State. Our pride as senior residents who have loyally, relentlessly and obediently served this country is being rubbished day to day. Retired people are being depicted as disappointments in their networks, and to top it all off, they are being pushed to their graves en masse.

“Many have been deserted by kids and families who had depleted their monetary assets on them. These unwanted retired people are being owed large number of naira via neglected unpaid debts of annuities and tips.

“Part of the principal verse of our public hymn says: “The work of our legends past, won’t ever be to no end.” Pensioners’ work is presently being made to be to no end by the disappointment of government and the populace to grasp the earnestness of their predicament.

“The accompanying measurements is a synopsis of the state’s obligation as at December 2021: Pension Arrears; 90 days for state and seven months for neighborhood government. Tips: State retired people were last paid in July 2013 with liabilities of about N18 billion, while nearby government beneficiaries have a responsibility of N19.8 billion and were last paid in September 2012. One needs to envision what the obligation will be currently in July 2022.”

Speaking, Chief Press Secretary to the lead representative, Mr. Yinka Oyebode, said the public authority puts premium on the government assistance of laborers as well as retired people.

He said since beginning, the public authority had not owed a solitary month of benefits while the installment of tip was expanded from N100 million to N400 million. As per Oyebode, government would have wanted to get all the build-up free from the tips owed by past government however because of monetary real factors. That must likewise be thought of.

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