Kanu’s legal advisor hammers FG over N1.4bn vehicles gift to Niger Republic

Kanu's legal advisor hammers FG over N1.4bn vehicles gift to Niger Republic

Kanu's legal advisor hammers FG over N1.4bn vehicles gift to Niger Republic

Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, who is the attorney addressing the kept head of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, on Thursday, criticized the Federal Government for legitimizing its endorsement of over N1.4billion for the acquisition of vehicles for Niger Republic.

Ejiofor, in a proclamation he made accessible to newsmen in Abuja, kept up with that such gift was a slap on the maxim that foundation starts at home.

He asked why FG participated in such “level of monetary wildness and market”, when students stayed at home inferable from inability to fulfill real needs by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

“How could we arrive? What wrongdoings did our precursors carry out that we are chatted with this degree of mischievousness and detachment?

“All aspects of Nigeria is beset by extraordinary degree of instability. Indeed, even Abuja, the alleged seat of force isn’t protected.

“The Security specialists are day to day pulverized by fear mongers and hoodlums in light of the fact that they are ineffectively prepared.

“Larger part of the Nigerian security developments are as yet battling with their unsteady Hilux vans/vehicles, in the execution of their authority commitment.

“Who did this to us? How could a country that is getting cash from far off nations to support her obligation be taken part in this degree of monetary wildness and marketplace?

“It is about time the public authority and public officials are considered responsible on the public workplaces that they hold.

“Debasement and exemption shouldn’t keep on flourishing unabated.

“It is somewhat sad, that this is occurring only a couple of days after my show at the lady version of the AAYF, which goes to confirm that most African pioneers, including Nigeria that prides herself as the goliath of Africa, rather than supporting the mainland in areas of economical turn of events, are fairly plunging/oppressing her residents into wretched penury.

“They additionally release anarchy and all types of severity against the hapless residents who just express contradicting sees, apparently executed by her enthusiastic policing.

“I truly sympathize with our University Lecturers, and unfortunate University understudies who are caught by the Federal Government’s harshness toward the authentic requests of ASUU.

“Obviously, the colloquialism that ‘noble cause starts at home’ is lost on individuals at the steerages of undertakings of this country”, Ejiofor expressed.

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