Mother of young fellow fired by Amotekun in Ogun requests equity

Mother of young fellow fired by Amotekun in Ogun requests equity

Mother of young fellow fired by Amotekun in Ogun requests equity

Mrs. Amoke Eweje, the mother of a young fellow, Ayodele Eweje, who blamed agents for Amotekun Corps in Ogun Condition of firing her child, Ayodeji Eweje has requested for equity.

The distressed mother, who blamed Amotekun for labeling his child as a cultist, said his child was shot on May 24, 2022 at the introduction of the Adigbe-Panseke street by the Legislative head of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun.

Ayodele has since been hospitalized at the Government Clinical Center, FMC, Abeokuta.

Amoke said she found that her child was with the Amotekun Corps through the police.

She said, “It was through the police that we had the option to know that really, Ayodeji was with the Amotekun Corps, and was taken to their Imeko-Afon office for an explanation known to them.

“Presently, they have obliterated his leg, he can’t walk once more. They just deserted him there at the Government Clinical Center (FMC), Abeokuta without dealing with his medical clinic bills,” she regretted.

Addressing newsmen on his wiped out bed at the FMC Abeokuta, the casualty said he was told nothing as respect his offense he commited.

He said, “I joined different spectators at the above span at Panseke when the cops advised us to leave, I complied, yet perhaps the man thought I was not quickly enough, he grasped me and gave me over to the Amotekun corps. After the occasion, instead of letting me go, the Amotekun men took me to their office at Oke-Ilewo without letting me know my offense.

“What I can recall was that on a specific Sunday night, I was told to emerge and on getting out, an official advised me to move into the rooftop for a specific fix of the workplace. That’s what while doing, another came and took shots at me, asserting that I needed to escape from care.”

Responding to the turn of events, the Ogun State Leader of the Amotekun Corps, David Akinremi, informed that Ayodeji and his posse had been on the needed rundown of Amotekun for quite a while.

As indicated by Akinremi Ayodele, was a famous cultist, who had been torturing the Adigbe area of Abeokuta.

He said, “When he was caught at Panseke during the appointing of Panseke Adigbe street by the lead representative, Ruler Dapo Abiodun, and gave over to us, he was taken into our care and we started examination concerning his previous deeds.

“It was during the examination that he ran away to Imeko, where he was secured once more. We attempted to profile him once more, however all the while, he needed to get away from through the roof of the care he was kept in. It was then our staff took shots at his leg, and promptly we took him to medical clinic for therapy,” he added.

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