Muslim Pioneers, Kaduna rulers join Christians in church for harmony

Muslim Pioneers, Kaduna rulers join Christians in church for harmony

Muslim Pioneers, Kaduna rulers join Christians in church for harmony

In front of the 2023 general races, Muslim pioneers and customary rulers in Kaduna State have started moves to reinforce between strict agreement by joining admirers at the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Gospel Church, Lemu Road, Kaduna, on Sunday.

The Chairman, Community Relation Committee of the congregation, Senator Haruna Azee Zego, said the greeting stretched out to Muslims inside their host local area to adore with them was a result of the affection to support strict coexitence and praised the Muslim invitees for regarding for coming to the congregation.

“Their participation was at the case of the congregation in her endeavors at fortifying strict amicability and tranquil conjunction among all, paying little mind to strict contrasts.

“A portion of the Muslims who went to the faith gathering were Nigeriens residing inside and around the local area where the congregation is found,” he said.

Customary pioneers, who went to the Sunday administration, were the District Head of Barnawa, Alhaji Kabiru Zubairu; the Wakilin Shehu Borno, HRH Bata Madaki Auta, and Sarkin Dutse Alhaji Shuaibu Balarebe Abdullahi among others.

Harmony talk
Among the Muslim chiefs who were in the congregation and talked on serene and strict concurrence were Sheihk Dahiru Abdullahi, Sheihk Dr. Hamisu Ya’u and Sheihk Shehu Ayotola.

They collectively concurred that there is no premise at all why Christians and Muslims to battle as opposed to being each other’s managers.

“You can’t be supposed to be a decent Muslim in the event that you could do without your Christain neighbors as well as the other way around,” they said.

“We ought to hold hands and bring back bygone times where Christians relate with Muslims as siblings as well as the other way around.

“Muslims and Christians are twins. Christianity and Islam has not changed yet Christians and Muslims have changed and individuals have prevailed to separate the two religion for their narrow minded gains.

“We should get back to days of yore where Christains and Muslims see each other as siblings,” they said.

Sheihk Dr. Ya’u, the Executive Secretary of Sultan Bello mosque, said that “Satan is our normal issue and we should all join to battle Satan.

“Mankind ought to be regarded above religion and we ought to acknowledge each other how we are.

“We should cherish each other and not permit legislators to play with our knowledge on the grounds that the present political regulation could cause Nigeria a great deal of issue.

“We should not permit lawmakers to think carefully. We should join as one as one and permit government officials to do their things,” he said.

Region head of Barnawa, Wakilin Shehu Borno and the Sarkin Dutse all praised ECWA for the great drive and approached other houses of worship and Islamic bodies to imitate the harmony promotion.

During the Sunday message, the Preacher, Mr. Zak Bungwon, expressed absence of cooperation is the reason for most emergency and approached Christains and Muslims to zero in on what tie them together and not which isolates.

He said the greeting stretched out to Muslims to venerate with them in a program labeled “Companions of the Church”, holds every year.

The Senior Pastor of the Church, Rev. Joshua Anyam, said the congregation is willing like never before to relate with their neighbors no matter what their religion to advance quiet conjunction.

“We do this yearly, essentially to advance strict and tranquil harmony among ourselves, and we are grateful that at whatever point we call they answer in their numbers,” he said.

The Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) addressed by Mr. Reuben Buhari said “it is better we live respectively and make due or live separated and suffer.We should be United.”

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