Muslim Ticket: Political exigency caused Tinubu to pick Shettima, says Yankassai

Muslim Ticket: Political exigency caused Tinubu to pick Shettima, says Yankassai

Muslim Ticket: Political exigency caused Tinubu to pick Shettima, says Yankassai

In this meeting with John Alechenu, Elder legislator, Tanko Yakassai, talks about the discussion created by the Muslim/Muslim ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the peril presented to Nigeria’s majority rule government by the developing adaptation of governmental issues.

There has been a clamor over the choice of the Presidential Candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, to pick an individual Muslim, Senator Kashim Shettima, as his running mate. Some have communicated fears that the choice could additionally spellbind the country.

Do you suppose these apprehensions are legitimate?

No, the trepidation isn’t legitimate. What do you believe is the level of Christians in the North when contrasted with Muslims? There are six Muslim greater part states in the North-Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Katsina, Zamfara and Kebbi states. At the point when you add the number of inhabitants in these states, remove it from the absolute populace of Northern Nigeria, then partition the leftover populace regarding Muslim/Christian polarity.

I will let you my evaluations which know if anybody so wants, he can proceed to check. My estimate is that out of the number of inhabitants in the North, Christians will be about anyplace somewhere in the range of 30 and 35 percent. There are 19 states in the North, just a single state which is a totally Christian larger part, which is Benue. Then, at that point, there are states where the proportion is 65/35 percent or 60/40, etc. Just Benue is having around 90% Christian and 5 to 10 percent Muslims.

Level, best case scenario, a safe approximation is 55% Christian, 35% Muslims and others shaping the rest. Assuming you go to Bauchi, the figure is more for Muslims, the equivalent in Kaduna, Niger and Kogi states. Not to discuss Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe, etc. My modest approximation is 30/70 for Muslims.

Assuming that you go to Southern Nigeria, my safe approximation is 30% Muslim, 70% Christian. Thus, in the whole populace of Nigeria, 70 in the South and 30 in the North, presently take the entire country, Tinubu from the South-West or suppose a minority from the South on the off chance that you’re viewing at religion as the variable.

Muslims are more than 30% in the South, assuming you take a gander at it intently. They are the greater part in Lagos, Oyo, and Ogun states. On the off chance that you take it at even safe approximation for the whole South, 30/70, presently you look at the Southern 30%, you have a minority Muslim from the South and the minority Christian from the North assembled, you can’t get greater part casts a ballot.

Yet, in Nigeria, just now individuals are seeing this with regards to Christian/Muslim. In the event that you take a gander at states where Christians are in the greater part, take Plateau for instance, they are consistently Christian/Christian. The Governor is Christian, his Deputy is Christian yet in the event that you go toward the South, even the main spot where Muslims produce Governors are Oyo and Lagos; even there most times you get Christians as representatives. By these good guesses, Southern Muslim/Northern Christian ticket can’t win the Presidential political decision in Nigeria talking essentially.

During the First and Second republics which you were a piece of, followers of the two significant beliefs were given a feeling of having a place at the public level. What do you think about the contention that the way the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove APC organization has represented is liable for the feelings of dread being communicated by a cross part of Nigerians?

We are confronted with another reality; individuals will project their votes. Do you see a larger part Muslim Nigerians deciding in favor of a Christian Minority northerner and a Southern Minority Muslim ticket?

It is far-fetched. At the point when Buhari came in 2014/2015, northerners and southerners met up to say he was the one. Keep in mind, I emerged and advised Nigerians, I said obviously that Buhari was not skillful, that he has no ability to oversee. I was fortunate at the time if not I would have been killed by Buhari stalwarts.

By help from above, a many individuals presently are smarter. A many individuals who accepted then that Buhari was the ideal individual around then currently realize that he isn’t. At the point when you come to discuss races, my experience is that today’s the Christians who are raising this issue, not Muslims. There are many states in Nigeria in the North and in the South where you have a Christian Governor and a Christian representative. No one definitely dislikes that. Now that this is turning into an issue, it is a result of the naughtiness of specific people or their childishness. In the event that they didn’t do it wouldn’t be an issue today.

Could you say glaring adaptation of our appointive framework, which hosts seen a few political gatherings selling Presidential selection structures for however high as N100 million seems to be good for the improvement of our majority rule government?

Positively not, the manner in which cash is being raised in our popularity based process, I’m apprehensive we are step by step causing it unthinkable for Nigerians who to bring something to the table concerning authority yet have no cash to join the political field. There is a breaking point to what individuals can endure in this country.

That’s what my trepidation is in the event that we proceed with this way, I believe I don’t supplicate that we cause what is going on where the tactical will endeavor to get back to additionally disturb the framework God disallow. This cash legislative issues was brought to the front by progressive military systems. This was how things had been previously. When Shehu Shagari was chosen as leader of this country, I was an establishing individual from the outdated National Party of Nigeria, NPN.

I was an individual from the party’s National Executive Committee; I have a fair information on how things were finished. I was an individual from the mission committee; I was delegate director of the party in Kano State around then. I was just inside the main part of the activity; I can let you know when we were lobbying for Shagari to become president, and he had no the means to purchase return passes to visit his home state Sokoto after each mission. He never requested it however we knew as individuals from the party that he didn’t have it, so we chose to purchase tickets for himself and one of his nearby associates, one Isa, to proceed to get back from Sokoto each time they expected to.

Neither Rimi nor Sabo Bakin Zuwo had cash to run for decisions at the time they won. I can say something similar for a large portion of the lead representatives in those days, the party and individuals of the different states saw their ability that was the primary thought not the amount of they possessed in their ledgers. It isn’t the case any longer, tragically.

What in your view is liable for the undeniable franticness among our later day government officials for public office?

Cash! In Nigeria today, how much cash in your pocket will figure out what office you try for. Assuming you have to the point of making you win the selection as councilor, Chairman, individual from the State or National Assembly, Governor or President, that is the very thing that you go for.

Indeed, even Buhari was said to have no cash I don’t have the foggiest idea how valid, yet I know the number of rich individuals that contributed colossal measures of cash for him in 2014 and I found out if he paid all the cash gave to him for the political race into the party’s money chests for the missions. He said no, never. Every one of the commitments made to Buhari were kept by Buhari not the party. I supplicate there will be a proof going against the norm.

What could you at any point say regarding the racket for party incomparability? With happenings today, do you suppose our ideological groups are getting back to this period where it can genuinely be incomparable?

I’m apprehensive, they are not. What we have today is what is happening where lead representatives in view of their admittance to enormous public finances control everything. They conclude who becomes what; cash chooses for all intents and purposes everything nowadays, for what reason do you suppose Tinubu and Atiku arose as competitors of the two significant gatherings?

Presently, regardless of whether the cash that will be expected for the political race is genuine, I’m letting you know what occurred during the subsequent Republic. Just fourteen days prior, when Tinubu chose to pick Shettima as his running mate, I read from the papers that lead representatives collaborated and sent a designation to Buhari and I suspect they believed Buhari should work with a change.

A large portion of different gatherings maintained that the running mates should be browsed among their positions. This is the sort of thing which can’t rearward in this country. Lead representatives presently conclude who ought to be a councilor, committee director, Senators, House of Representative individuals. This is exceptionally risky on the grounds that the voice of normal residents is becoming terminated in the selection cycle.

The 36 state lead representatives determine the destiny of Nigerians with regards to decisions; this isn’t the way a majority rule government is intended to work. A period will come in this nation when Nigerians will say that’s it.

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