Osun Guber: Results not a decision on LP’s rising strength, Peter Obi answers pundits

Osun Guber: Results not a decision on LP's rising strength, Peter Obi answers pundits

Osun Guber: Results not a decision on LP's rising strength, Peter Obi answers punditsLavour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi, has saluted Osun State Governor-choose, Senator Ademola Adeleke on his triumph in Saturday’s governorship survey.

Obi likewise recognized LP Governorship Candidate, Mr Yusuff Lasun, who came fifth in the challenge for his sportsmanship, saying that the result of the survey was not a decision on the destiny of the LP in the impending 2023 general surveys.

In a proclamation, Obi, previous Anambra State Governor, answered pundits who are ridiculing the party, saying that the Obidients just have numbers via web-based entertainment.

His words: “I stretch out my hottest individual congrats to Senator Ademola Adeleke on winning the Osun State Gubernatorial decisions.

“I likewise salute the up-and-comer of our Labor Party, Lasun Sulaimon Yusuff and his running mate, Adeola Adekunle Atanda, for a hard faced conflict and their soul of resolve and sportsmanship, in spite of the result.

“To our Obidient Movement Family and our allies from one side of the country to the other, the result of this specific political race isn’t a decision on our dramatically becoming stronger cross country particularly when seen against the way that we are scarcely one month old in the party and we needed to fight with powers that have been dug in the state throughout the previous twenty years.

“Notwithstanding, inside this extremely brief time of half a month, the Labor Party has made its presence and political effect felt broadly. “We should fortify our aggregate determination not yield in our respectable walk to reclaim our country.

“Much work still needs to be finished, thus we should concentrate the entirety of our endeavors now on the impending 2023 General decisions.

“In the completion of time, our message of salvage and recuperation will reverberate all through the length and expansiveness of the Nation and most Nigerian electorate will get involved with our main goal to reclaim Nigeria, to save it from proceeded with decline , shift the National mind from utilization to creation and from sharing waning assets to making abundance and visually battling neediness.

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