OSUN Political Race: I’ve not officially heard from INEC that Oyetola lost- APC seat, Adamu

OSUN Political Race: I've not officially heard from INEC that Oyetola lost-APC seat, Adamu

OSUN Political Race: I've not officially heard from INEC that Oyetola lost-APC seat, Adamu

Congressperson Abdullahi Adamu
The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Abdullahi Adamu on Sunday said he is yet to get formal notice from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on who won the Saturday’s governorship political race in Osun State.

Adamu guaranteed he is uninformed Osun State Governor, Gboyega Oyetola lost his re-appointment bid to his nearest rival, the applicant of Peoples Democratic Party, Ademola Adeleke.

Adamu offered the comments while talking on Arise TV program on Sunday, denied knowing about the champ of the Osun governorship political race.

He told the moderator, “With due regard, my dear sibling, I am super hearing this from you. I have not officially heard the declaration from INEC, which is the autonomous commission liable for political race in Nigeria.

“I have not heard from them yet. When I hear officially from INEC, I can be in a situation to respond to this specific inquiry.”

At the point when informed that the outcomes and the breakdown of the voting forms from the 30 nearby government regions were all around the pages of significant papers the nation over, Adamu stayed unyielding.

“Among me and you, I have not officially heard from INEC and I have not perused the papers you are discussing. I truly do peruse a few papers on my table before I have my morning meal however I haven’t done that today yet,” he said.

Found out if the party will acknowledge rout assuming he at last will see the outcome and breakdown of casting a ballot design, the APC seat adhered to his firearm.

He said, “I could do without pre-empting my circumstance. You should show restraint. Since you obtained the outcome, hang tight for me too to get it. You can hit me up and I will actually want to discuss it.

“Until I hear from INEC officially or my kin in the control room affirm that it is the outcome, obviously, I will submit to it. In any case, hearing the outcome first from you is

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