Police affirm assault on bullion van as looters truck away money

Police affirm assault on bullion van as looters truck away money

Police affirm assault on bullion van as looters truck away money

The Police in Abia state have affirmed the assault on a bullion van conveying cash from another age bank in Aba to Umuahia.

Police Public Relations Officer,Abia State Command,SP Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the looters blockaded the Enugu – Port Harcourt freeway where they laid snare hanging tight for the bullion van.

On locating the bullion and escort team,the burglars terminated at them ,making the driver of the van to steer into the bramble.

With an end goal to get away, the yet-to-be-distinguished official of the bank who was accompanying the money and one of the burglars were killed on the spot,even as 3 cops were harmed.

He additionally unveiled that an AK47 rifle with three stacked magazines tied were recuperated from the burglars.

He expressed, “In light of a pain call, groups of strategic agents were dispatched to the scene. At the scene, one investigator Leo Francis of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) base 4 Aba was met and he expressed that he alongside five others while accompanying a bullion van from Aba to Umuahia ran into a pack of furnished burglars who had blockaded the high way and were terminating inconsistently.

“Endeavors made to stop the bullion van and escort vehicle yielded no profit as the driver strayed into the shrubbery.

“The money official going with the bullion van was shot dead on the spot, 3 police officers on escort supported slug wounds while one of the equipped burglars was killed and his AK 47, rifle with 90 rounds of ammo was recuperated.

“The harmed police officers were raced to the clinic while the departed, are stored in the funeral home for protection. An examination has Commenced.The burglars were said to have trucked away with an undisclosed amount of money.”

He likewise encouraged medical clinics in the state to report anybody in their offices with slug wounds for examination as a portion of the burglars escaped with projectile wounds.

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