Rufai pays N70,000 fine apologizes over BRT path episode

Rufai pays N70,000 fine apologizes over BRT path episode

Rufai pays N70,000 fine apologizes over BRT path episode

The Arise Television moderator, Oseni Rufai, who was blamed for driving on BRT path on Lagos roadway and furthermore opposing capture by cops, on Tuesday showed up in a Lagos versatile court.

He was accused of mocking Lagos State Transport Law of 2018 and the court viewed him to be unquestionablyblameworthy of driving on the BRT path in negation of the law and was fined the amount of N70,000.

It was dependably accumulated that Rufai made the installment and his vehicle was delivered to him.

This was revealed by the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin while giving a report on the improvement on his Twitter handle on Tuesday night.

Hundeyin tweeted, “Mr Rufai Oseni was in court recently. He was seen as at real fault for negating Lagos State Transport Law (2018). He was therefore fined Seventy Thousand Naira Only. He made the installment, after which his vehicle was delivered to him.”

In the mean time, Rufai hosts apologized to all gatherings engaged with the episode adding that it has been a lowering encounter for him.

The writer made the conciliatory sentiment during a live transmission show on Arise News TV on Wednesday morning.

Rufai said: “I need to peruse the individual message I did. As a considerable lot of you know over the most recent two days I have been in the information for some unacceptable reasons. This has brought about unnecessary interruption for my companions, family, individuals from people in general and for every one of my partners on Arise News.

“I like to apologize to all gatherings over what happened during the episode with the police when I was halted while driving BRT transport path. I challenge not lay professes to know everything. Illustrations have been gained from this whole episode. This has been a truly lowering encounter for me.

“I like to utilize this chance to offer my thanks to every one of the people who have contacted me over the most recent two days for their direction and guiding. Much thanks to you, everybody. God favor all of you and if it’s not too much trouble, we should keep on endeavoring to make our country a superior spot for all. I am sorry.”

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