IT was winter and the whole clan followed terpe to the bunkhouse.

There were bluebottles,bumblebees hovering above the frozen stratums like helicopters with destinations.

There were blue snows so thick that you can carve an image off it, It comes in drizzles and then in pour.


There were fogs in the morning you could mistake for icicles from heaven.

They consider terpe’s might impeccable, he is an Olympian… Only a bumpkin will not follow him.

It was extremely cold, your words would freeze right out of your mouth, so cold that they have to use pointed sticks to write on blue snow to communicate.

One spring day, the men gaited up the hill after faultlessly strayed over the frozen hummocks.

They cracked jokes and laughed as they cut down timbers.

Pretty soon,they heard a very loud droning noise, the men propped, but didn’t stop to inquire,”those must be mosquitoes!”one muttered, “Invading mosquitoes” another screamed, the men couldn’t help but to retreat back to the camp screaming drastically “mosquitoes, help! help!!”.

And Terpe, The Olympian, blessed with an incomparable sense of hearing, He knew some thing isn’t right,grabbed his hammer,a mighty iron forged from casting Vibranium, Adamatium, And six other unknown gigantic metals.

He majestically stepped outside and uttered three words “behind me everyone”, Everybody hurried inside the bunkhouse and locked themselves up.

Then the mighty Terpe took a deep breathe while swinging the hammer to oppose the force of gravity, He lifted with great speed and floated like balloons in air, He began pounding and slamming the stingers flats, The mosquitoes couldn’t stand him… At a time he began to clap his hands and thousands of this mosquitoes with their sword like proboscis died, He clapped out the whole mosquitoes before landing like a volcano eruption causing a rock to collapse freely in an ocean.

However, He was stringed by one of these mosquitoes and suffered from malaria for a couple of days.


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