We’ll release our toxin on fear based oppressors- IPOB

We'll release our toxin on fear based oppressors- IPOB

We'll release our toxin on fear based oppressors- IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has promised to release its toxin on those threatening South-East district.

The gathering expressed this in an explanation named ‘IPOB-ESN prepared to stop Ebubeagu crazy slaughter’, endorsed by its representative, Emma Powerful.

IPOB’s admonition is coming a long time after certain young people were supposedly killed by Ebubeagu agents in Imo state.

As per the gathering: “We wish to state unequivocally and straightforwardly to one and all that IPOB is going to release its toxin on the fear based oppressors ‘Ebubeagu’ for the endless slaughter of our kin particularly in Imo state.

“The goal for the production of this lethal outfit isn’t to stop crimes yet to bother, threaten and eliminate honest Igbo young people, which they have been doing unchallenged for some time now. This malevolent outfit conducts unlawful capture of individuals and coerce a huge number of Naira as payment before their vulnerable casualties are liberated.

“The individuals who can’t raise the large numbers requested of them for their opportunity are killed. This individuals take as much as N500,000 from their sad casualties. We have confirmations of those they blackmailed to bail themselves with such over the top sum before they were liberated.

“IPOB Leadership has provided a matching Order to ESN volunteers to follow the dangerous Ebubeagu gathering and prevent them from killing our kin.

“Not many weeks prior the Ebubeagu agents killed 14 guiltless Imo adolescents returning from customary wedding in Awo-Mmamma.

“Ebubeagu attacked Izombe town in Oguta LGA of IMO State at the early long stretches of Saturday being the sixth of August, 2022, taking shots irregularly at blameless individuals with no real excuse or incitement.

“They kidnapped north of 30 individuals, removed some money having a place with a few nearby brokers and, surprisingly, their merchandise. That’s what its most over the top troubling aspect is, they snatched a few masquerades (Okorosha celebration men) which is a detestation in Igbo culture ( on the grounds that Ebubeagu individuals are strange to Igbo culture). Eventually, a few houses, vehicles, bikes and shops were burned to the ground.”

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