You’re a commendable Pioneer, Tinubu hails new CAN President

You're a commendable Pioneer, Tinubu hails new CAN President

You're a commendable Pioneer, Tinubu hails new CAN President

The decision All Progressives Congress(APC) official applicant, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has portrayed the recently chosen President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rev. Daniel Okoh as a commendable and recognized pioneer.

The APC leading figure offered the comments in his salutary message to Okoh, in a proclamation by his media helper, Tunde Rahman in Abuja on Friday.

Fire up. Okoh was chosen on Monday to succeed Rev. Samson Olusupo, endless supply of his residency as head of CAN.

Tinubu noticed that the new CAN pioneer, who is the General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church, is a commendable replacement to Rev. Ayokunle whose residency as CAN president was portrayed by outstanding responsibility, rule and intelligence.

The APC chief announced that Nigeria can anticipate only propelled and edified administration from Rev. Okoh.

He said: “CAN is perhaps of the main association in the country. Besides the fact that it looks for the improvement of the Christian people group in Nigeria, its ethical power and standing advantage all Nigerians as we try to lay out an equitable and empathetic culture where individuals of all religions and convictions reside and cooperate in harmony and congruity.

“As a country, we are in a crucial point in time where misinformed and horrible entertainers endeavor to obliterate social concordance and rule savagery on all of us.

“These horrendous powers try to stir up strict and ethnic divisions in anticipation of setting Nigerian siblings in opposition to Nigerian siblings. Respectable and great Nigerians, everything being equal, should partner again with such plans.

“While we may not settle on everything, all benevolent Nigerians concur that we should live in harmony, should regard and respect our variety and shun viciousness and scorn.

“We are thankful that CAN as an association encapsulates these and different rules that mirror the qualities and ideals of Christ.

“We are happy that the new President of CAN, Rev. Okoh, is an empathetic and kind soul who has devoted his life to the improvement of his kindred man and is an individual who will work with heads of different beliefs and convictions to temper the obligations of solidarity, between strict comprehension and resistance while supporting for the advantages of popularity based great administration for all Nigerians paying little mind to statement of faith or conviction frameworks.

“However long we stand direct and stick to these fundamentals, Nigeria will overcome the plans of the individuals who try to put dissension and scorn at our entryway.

“As Rev. Okoh takes on the position of initiative, it is my expectation and supplication that his residency lights up each edge of our nation and may he be a focusing light to all.”

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